Board of Trustees

Executive Committee:
President: Richard Veres
Vice President: Mindy Stroh
Secretary: Amanda Bricker
Treasurer: Steve Ruscher

Past President: Al Paulus

Tim Atkinson
Molly Bisson
Fred Drenkhan
Gary Ebert
Larry Hull
Dr. Tom Kelly
Beth Milli
Ginger F. Mlakar
Mark Mutch
Ann Gilmore Orin
James Redinger
Wayne Reese
Mike Romanchek
Kelly Sommers
David L. Tadych
Sarah Urbancic
Eileen Vernon
Barb Waddle
Denny Wendell

Keith Ashmus
Peter Comodeca
Thomas Jelepis

Honorary Advisors: 
Jodie Hausmann
Gary Heldt
Richard Mayer
Donald Zwilling

Charter Members

Keith & Marie Ashmus
Peter, Marilyn & Peter II Comodeca
The George W. Codington Charitable Foundation
Sonia Coulton FamilyIn Memory of Richard Coulton
The Curtiss Family
Gary & Pam Ebert
Lute & Susan Harmon
The Hasting Family
Jim & Bonnie Hunt
Jim & Peggy Joyce
Dr. & Mrs. Clay Kelly
Dick & Betsy Martin In Memory of John Parker, James Cowles and Dale Smith
John & Patricia Matyas In Memory of John & Margaret Matyas
Craig & Patricia McAllester
Tim & Mary McManamon
James & Joyce Mraz
John O'Neill, Bradley Bay Health Center
Mr. & Mrs. William Oatey
Anonymous Donor
Jim & Judy Potter
Capt. & Mrs. Donald Ramsden
James & Elizabeth Redinger
Wayne & Jeanne Reese
Peter & Bonnie Rekstis
The Sutherland Family & Friends In Memory of John R. Livingston
Donald & Eileen VernonIan & Barbara Woodburn
Denny & Janice Woods
Don and Denise Zwilling In Memory of Rev. Francis B. Zwilling