About the Bay Village Foundation

Mission Statement: The Bay Village Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation dedicated to preserving the quality of life in Bay Village, Ohio, using the talents and resources of the private citizens and non-government funding.

The Bay Village Foundation exists to provide support for projects and programs fostering Bay Village’s historical, cultural, social, and educational heritage. Through The Bay Village Foundation, its citizens and businesses are encouraged to perpetuate the traditions that make Bay Village a special place to live and work.

History: The story begins in 1995 when a group of civic minded volunteers established a fund to help the city build a playground. The project was called, Play in Bay. The playground was completed by the cooperative efforts of non-profit organizations that came together to see the project through to completion. Seeing this collaborative effort succeed, a small group decided to see what they could do to develop a community fund that would be there when another project like Play in Bay emerged. Under the leadership of T. Richard (Dick) Martin, they began to think about creating one organization to which all the others could look for financial help. So they set about making their dream a reality. It took several years and many volunteer hours but they did it. That fund is now called The Village Foundation. (Hereafter The Foundation).